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SPACE Brand EMERGENCY BLANKET is about the size of a pack of cards, but opens to a 56" (142 cm) by 84" (214 cm) tough and durable blanket. Manufactured by MPI since 1964 of the finest polyester material and purest vacuum deposited aluminum for the reflective surface, this product has helped to save countless lives , by providing protection from the elements. Used worldwide in disaster relief, rescue, and by the military, this product is a 2 ounce life insurance policy.


Will help prevent hypothermia by reflecting and retaining body heat, it is also very effective in preventing trauma shock, using the same reflective qualities. Available in silver/silver for regular use and Orange/Silver for greater visibility against a snow or water background. Registered FDA Medical Device No. 1220702. This is the "ORIGINAL SPACE  BLANKET" made exclusively in America, since 1964. Do not be fooled by imitations without a reputation, or of suspect origin. When it's your life you want the "proven best".

MPI Outdoors - Emergency Blanket Silver

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